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What is blacklisting?

The blacklist is a list of domains and IP addresses reported to be "known" sources of spam. You can land on a blacklist for many of the same reasons that cause damage to your reputation. You can use our Blacklist Lookup tool to find out whether your IP addresses and sending domains have landed on a blacklist.

Webboworth hosts an official list of email server IP addresses that show activity that resembles spammers. This blacklist is widely used and based on real time data from Return Path’s cooperative Global Reputation Network.

The Global Reputation Network blacklist calculates the probability that emails from a particular IP address may be spam based on measurements of unwantedness. This calculation is based on the percentage of email messages from an IP address that are considered spam by individual recipients, mailbox providers, and filters through actions such as complaints, unusual volume patterns, emails sent to spam traps, and emails sent to unknown users.

If you do find yourself on a blacklist, action can be taken to get you removed. Getting removed from a blacklist will take some time and effort, hite Softbroke to solve the issue for you.