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Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

Class C IP Checker

From SEO perspective class c ip hosting can be very effective, and this amazing tool checks whether Website hosting domains lies on same class C IP range or not. It is believed that If you own many cross-linked sites, then you should host them on different Class C IP range rather than same.

This amazing tool helps webmaster to check if whether the given Website Url and lies within different Class C Ip range or not. Sharing and IP address with another sites through links with same C type Ip might be affect your site SEO.

What Is Class C Ip ?

When you sign up with a hosting company, your Website domain which you registered receives an unique IP address. For understanding, This IP Address is more likely to postal address it helps other people to locate the site via Web Browser. So this Ip address can be of any 5 types. Class A, B,C, D and E. Class C type Address is most common in all of them.