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Google Indexation is one of those matters that not many understand completely but,  one way or another, everybody needs it. Why do I say that? 

This means that if your website is indexed by Google then a potential user will be able to find it in one of his Google’s searches. Opposite, if your website is not indexed by Google, then none of your user’s searches on the big G will return your site. Imagine that the web is like an ever-growing public library with billions of books and no central filing system. Google essentially gathers the pages during the crawl process and then creates an index, so it knows exactly how to look things up. It is very similar to the index at the back of a book. When you search, at the most basic level, the big G’s algorithms look up your search terms in the index to find the appropriate pages.

Understanding the importance of indexation and always analyzing  our users’ needs, we came up with the conclusion that we have to develop a feature that will help webmasters track De-Indexed Site in their Backlink Profile. Thereby, we developed  the Google Index and  Malware Check, a hard worked feature which delivers great results that can be of a real help for every site owner. Let’s see what this is all about!

The reasons for which Google might choose to de-index some sites may be multiple, yet, let’s focus on the reason that interests us most at the moment, the dreaded Google Penalty. That’s right, having the site de-indexed might be synonymous with a Google Penalization. Let’s take a look at the screenshot below to enforce this statement.


1. Identify Already Penalized Sites Linking to Your Site

As I’ve stated before, penalized sites that are linking back to your site can lead to a Google Penalty. This is a very precious piece of information but what is even more valuable is knowing what are the exact sites at issue. The number and the quality of the backlinks is still a great metric that Google uses to rank sites. As we know, though, some backlinks can do more harm than good. It’s highly important to identify those links, to analyze them and figure out which are the best actions you could take regarding those links. With the Google Indexation Check feature it is only a click that provides you with a highly accurate image of all of your backlinks.

With 37% of the total links being de-indexed by Google it is not hard to “read” this  site’s future. This is not a good looking link profile so if it hasn’t been penalized already, it is very likely that this site will soon be.

Also, running the Google Indexation Check will improve the Unnatural Link Detection. If it is the case, “Not indexed in Google” will be included in the “Most common unnatural link issues” chart, generating an even more accurate analysis and helping you at the same time to figure out what is going on with your link profile.

Not only you will be able to see some numbers with the ratio of the indexed-de-indexed links but the tool will allow you to do a really in depth analysis on these links. For your long-term strategy, it might be very helpful to see what type of sites are de-indexed, how these webpages look like, what  their main violations regarding the Google’s guidelines are and so on. As you can see in the image below, the unnatural linking candidates may come from web-directories, blog posts, forums, shady sites and the list may continue.